Month: October 2015

29.10.15 BrainHurricane

Monday 26th of October, The BrainHurricane was held in Amsterdam. See the press-release here: Press release – Wetskills BrainHurricane in NL
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24.10.2015 Amsterdam to Rotterdam

by Maggan Bidiawatie Ministry of Regional Development, Surinam We travel with the bus to Rotterdam than to the waterbuffer in the afternoon we went to the Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier…
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30.10.2015 Final sprint for all cases

by  Kai-Feng Chen Technical University Munich After a wonderful night celebrating Inge’s birthday and going through a toilet paper game, which helped a lot to know all the Wetskills participants…
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26.10.2015 Wetskills Newsletter

BY JEFFERY LIAO Today we visited the Waternet building, meeting our case owners and get more understanding of what we are going to do for the following days. There are…
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26.10.2015 Out of box

by Mariam Amer Researcher in Agricultural Engineering Research. Today is the first day in Amsterdam but not the first time for me, so it is amazing to have a breakfast with…
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25.10.2015 – Team-building days

by Merita Abdullahi University of Mitrovica-Kosovo The Netherland… a country of diversity with a rich culture, canal cruises everywhere surrounded. A city with the highest museum density in the world and…
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23.10.2015 – Wetskills NL Expectations

by Laura Stanescu University Politehnica of Bucharest Hi, I’m Laura from Romania and in the following paragraphs I’m hoping to sketch an entryway to the collection of thoughts, opinions and…
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