26.10.2015 Out of box



by Mariam Amer

Researcher in Agricultural Engineering Research.

Today is the first day in Amsterdam but not the first time for me, so it is amazing to have a breakfast with the Wetskills Pa rticipants again. After we had a cool breakfast, Program was started in waternet. Actually! We got a lot of information. Johan Started and telling us about wetskills with amazing introduction.

Wetskills and its 16 event in 5 years and third time in Netherlands. Then presentation about 5 cases … Then every team members stayed with Owner and talking about the case…


My group have different nationality like Netherland, Kosovo, Surinam, Italy, and me (Egypt), so a different knowledge it gave me a lot of experience about talking to new people from different countries and cultures and seeing a lot of new structures and places that are favorable to me as my work is in the field of water, also I had gained new information about other cases.


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So again stayed with team and discussion case about reducing co2 emissions, I’m sure that our mix of people, knowledge and backgrounds will help us developing new insights that can help to improve the situation. .

In the evening we went to the center station to have a dinner with something different cheese “something halal ” and trying to catch up some good memories in Amsterdam and Wetskills 2013 .

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