November 2016

Feasibility of illUVia concept in South Africa (WetsNext)

by Jessica de Koning (Master student University of Utrecht, WetsNext illUVia project)   [note: This WetsNext illUVia project is a follow-up of a Wetskills-South Africa 2016 case. One of the participants (Jessica) came up with a plan to do a feasibility study together with the case owner Berson UV, a local entrepreneur Blue Nickel and Wetskills Foundation.]   Yesterday, I officially started my internship at Blue Nickel, where Jeremy Tucker, my supervisor and main partner for the project works. The guys at the office in Centurion (near Pretoria) gave me a warm welcome. I am the only girl in the office, and (besides Jeremy) the only one who is working on a water and sanitation project like ours. The others work on process control, mostly for mines, which is what Blue Nickel is specialized in.   Yesterday, Jeremy and I discussed how we are going to proceed the following weeks. As priorities, we identified 1) further research concerning the features of...

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Data collection in Ahmedabad (WetsNext)

by Martien Aartsen (Master student University of Utrecht, WetsNext Ahmedabad project) In hindsight, I couldn’t imagine being able to see so many features of the country as I did in the relatively short period I stayed in India. I was able to speak to many kind government officials across different departments. I spoke to ambitious and concerned NGOs, and I spoke to involved academics. I was even able to join a water walk, organised by ‘concerned’ citizens. During this water walk, we were guided along important water features of Ahmedabad like the the Vasna Barrage, a Wastewater Treatment Plant, and a place where treated wastewater is discharged into the river. Next to my research related activities, I was also able to do some sightseeing and experience the local Diwali celebrations. Now, back in the Netherlands, it’s time to finish transcribing interviews and gathering the last bits of required data. After that, I’m finally...

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