Month: May 2018

Hosted with Curtesy

Our international active host, the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar, makes Wetskills Colombia truly an unforgettable academic and cultural experience.  Check out more at there online magazine
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Daily life

By Jieni Feng (Jessica)   The first time I join the team of other countries in the school to play together to complete the case, there are several small partners…
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Being international @ home

Hi! My name is Shihan Lou, English name is Frances. It is a great honor for me to be as a member of Wetskills this time. The host place is…
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The leisure part is over..

Wetskills Colombia 2018 Maria Gomes & Luuk Vermeulen   As the day before, the Dutch students woke up in the hotel and jumped into the taxi around 8:15. As soon…
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Good food and hard work

by Conrad Balzer After two good days of relaxing and visiting a wastewater treatment and the beautiful wetlands the real work has to begin.            …
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Many hands make light work

By Yuan Kong I am a postgraduate majoring in environmental engineering at Zhejiang University of Technology. I was pretty excited when I heard that Wetskills would come to our school.…
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Cartagena, the gates of Latin America

Wetskills Colombia 2018 Ralph Wessling & Tim van de Staaij Wetskills Foundation   Cartagena, the port to the mainland of Latin America. Recognized as a historical city, the gate to the…
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