26.10.2015 Wetskills Newsletter




Today we visited the Waternet building, meeting our case owners and get more understanding of what we are going to do for the following days. There are five cases, dealt by five groups, the head of waternet and several other experts made a speech on their professions (professions include water engineering, biology, chemistry or even marketing), after that, we have the questioning time, during which the experts visit each groups, offering us the chance to ask advices from experts, and by asking questions, team members start to get a clearer understanding of their cases.


In our group, case 1, we studied the drug residue problem in the surface water. Even though we know that medicines could be excreted form urination, the idea that medicine in urine might cause a threatening condition to the ecology is astonishing and quite new to me. Furthermore, even though the case seems to be quite simple, which is to think of an effective way to promote awareness of drug residues among people, after discussion with experts and brainstorming, we found that there were a lot of questions that we could not understand, and unfortunately, our case owner wasn’t present, yet we made a simple conversation with her about the problems we had with internet phone, and also arranged a Skype meeting the next morning. At the end of the day, there were two waternet workers whose profession is waster water treatment, they helped us a lot by providing some basic understandings of the present solutions towards drug residues. To sum up, team one enjoyed our day, and was optimistic towards our case.


“The waternet is a great company” Ben (Team 5), from Israel, mentioned, “me and my teammates instantly know what to do after discussing with the expert, I had a fruitful day!”


It seems like most of the paticipants enjoyed the brain hurricane, and of course also the beautiful view of Amsterdam from the building. Many groups were making significant progresses with their work, we hope that everyone can enjoy the procress of cooperating and coming up with innovative ideas, and show the spirits of Wetskills, let the fun begin!


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