Month: November 2021

Adding the Final Garnish

by Abhimanyu Pathak, Ejaaz Ahmed, Maisha Ahmed, Meghna Susan Kurien, Priyal Tale and Vrushali Gaurkar   The 8th day of WetSkills ’21 began with a short session where all of…
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Virtual Working Day at WetSkills

by Team 2   The two-week program has bestowed upon us innumerable opportunities and learnings. The usual day in the life of an intern revolves around multiple tasks. To begin…
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Weekend Teams

By Sampreeti, Feby, Sonali, Vivek   The sixth day of the Wetskills Challenge’21 was an off day as it was the weekend. However, we kept our research intact and worked…
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Join Wetskills Finals India Mumbai online

W@tskills-India (Mumbai) 2021 is already half way! On 2 December 2021 the finals and awarding ceremony will take place in a hybrid format. The Consulate General and Tata Institute of…
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CANVAS Business model

by Balbir, Nameeta, Aparna, Sree and Sankha   The fifth day of WetSkills ’21 began with the feedback session of the previous day. Participants tried to give feedback to the…
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Best batch ever

by Akankshya Rath, Aarya Dey, Shrenee Waghmare, Soomrit Chattopadhyay, Sunakshi Bakshi and Sujit Roy   Day 4 of the online wetskills program hosted in association with Tata Institute of Social…
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Water: It’s Magic and so is WetSkills!

by Vrushali Gaurkar, Ejaaz Ahmed, Meghna Susan Kurien, Maisha Ahmed, Abhimanyu Pathak and Priyal Tale   Loren Eiseley once famously said: “If there is magic on this planet, it is…
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