April 2019

Future Water Leaders program at Aquatech China

Wetskills is happy to announce it will organize a Future Water Leaders program in Shanghai in collaboration with Aquatech China (3-5 June).   The Future Water Leaders program is addressing the development of the next generation of water professionals who will become leaders in the water sector. The program aims to attract recent graduates and young professionals in a series of activities designed specially to help expand their knowledge and network in the Chinese and international water sectors.   The program will focus on interactive engagement with young professionals, where participants and visitors will get a chance to learn, contribute insights and ask questions to industry experts and fellow peers. Different projects, themes and innovations will be introduced through panel discussions and quizzes. The discussions will focus on linking sector trends with skill development among young people while the quizes will touch upon topics such as Plastic pollution, Fashion Footprint and Conscious Consumption.  There...

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Join NKWK Conference in Delft, 14 May 2019

Wetskills Foundation was requested to organise a Future Water Leaders Programme @NKWK in The Netherlands. Find below an invitation by the Staf Deltacommissaris for students, trainees, Young Professionals to join this event. (*Note: this is an invitation in Dutch)   Beste waterstudent, watertrainee, Young Professional in de watersector   Veilig zijn voor water, voldoende zoet water hebben en de inrichting van Nederland klimaatbestendig maken, nu en de komende 50 en zelfs 100 jaar. Zodat we een ramp vóór zijn en kunnen blijven wonen in onze Nederlandse delta. Het Nationaal  Deltaprogramma werkt aan die uitdaging, die over generaties heen gaat. Het zijn de jongeren van nu die het straks moeten gaan doen. Jongeren zijn dus belangrijk voor het Deltaprogramma. Daarom bieden wij studenten, trainees en Young Professionals (t/m 30 jaar) in de watersector van harte de mogelijkheid om de jaarlijkse kennisconferentie van het Deltaprogramma bij te wonen.   Op dinsdag 14 mei 2019 is de jaarlijkse conferentie van het Nationaal...

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Reflection: diamonds are forever

Muscat, Oman - 27 March 2019 - Wetskills Water Challenge - Reflection By Niel de Jong (Water Authority Hollands Noorderkwartier & Nationale Water Traineeship)   I was asked to reflect on the complete Wetskills programme, and what I brought me. Looking at my unpacked suitcase in front of me, I could say: beautiful souvenirs! And I have to admit that as I am writing this down, it makes me laugh a bit. The memories attached, however, do tell a story that is more worth sharing. The Wetskills programme officially consists of three ingredients: young water professionals, cases from the water sector, and … pressure. On our second day, Wetskills senior Johan explained this philosophy: ‘With sufficient pressure, carbon dioxide can be transformed into diamonds. And similarly, ideas can be made into diamonds’. The metaphor rings and it sticks. But it also made me think further: ‘Diamonds are formed over millions, if not billions, of years. So,...

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