Month: January 2017

Kite Festival and Goodbyes

blog Wetskills-India 14 January – by Carolien Caspers (Radbout University Nijmegen) Today was the final day of the Wetskills program, which meant a day of many goodbyes. To eachother and for the most Dutch participants…
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Vibrant Gujarat, the Finals!!!!!!

blog Wetskills-India 12 January – by Jasper van den Heuvel (Wageningen University) This day started like any other where we were to leave at a certain time but, as always, we were a bit…
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Vibrant Gujarat

blog Wetskills-India 11 January – by Jayray Khatri (Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University) After the Lunch session at Mahatma Gandhi Mandir all moves in their own interest group to see the bridge, Dandi Kutir Museum and…
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An exercise in acceptance

blog Wetskills-India 8 January – by Björn Bolhuis (Utrecht University) Today was our only free/relaxing day in the programme, but boy it was ambitious… (more…)
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Getting the gas going again

blog Wetskills-India 5 January – by Floor van den Elzen (Sustainable Development, Utrecht Univeristy) After four days of getting to know each other, figuring out our cases and doing some preliminary research, day…
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Case visit day: Rain harvesting

blog Wetskills-India 6 January – by Peter van Leeuwen (Wageningen University) On Friday the 6th of January we went the Silver Oak campus to get an impression of the area and to discuss our first ideas…
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Case visit day: Common Effluent Treatment Plant

blog Wetskills-India 6 January – by Heet Patel  (L.D. College of Engineering) Today, 6th January 2017. I reached CEE at 9:30 early morning at that time students were taking their breakfast. Today we had…
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Case visit day: floating pumps

blog Wetskills-India 6 January – by Coen van den Nouweland  (Utrecht University) After the first working day, today was the day we would go into the field. Our case study concerned the use of…
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Case study visit: Groundwater salinization

blog Wetskills-India 6 January – by Purvesh Rajpurohit  (Silver Oak College) As the salinity ingress is the biggest problem in coastal area and government is working on this problem since 1970. (more…)
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