December 2021

Meeting Dracula

by Ywenne Kleiss (Water Authority Drents Overijsselse Delta)    If you ever want to feel what it’s like to have 2 weeks of sights, information and fun in 2 days- you should come to a Wetskills in Romania. It's great to explore water issues and feel the energy of a group of excited water-enthusiasts after the online years of Covid-19. During the intro days we tasted first bites of the culture and dove straight into the water-related issues. Our first visit was to a hydropower plant in Sinaia. The plant’s 4 turbines have been converting water energy into electricity for the region for 100 years already. The building’s classical architecture was a stark contrast with its industrial heart, but operated symbiotically. We reached the second stop while meandering through the Romanian mountain range near the historic city of Brasov, where we explored the 3 main stages of water treatment at the wastewater treatment...

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Deadlines Day: As It Happened

by Aparna Pavangat, Balbir Singh Aulakh, Nameeta Jha, Sankha Subhra Nath and Sreeresmi R.   01 December 2021: Well, all good things come to an end – and today, participants took a step closer to the final round of W@tskills-India (Mumbai) 2021, as they prepared to submit their pitch, poster and paper. The tenth day started off with a follow-up on the status of pitch presentations and posters, as teams worked through Day 09 to finalise their ideas, innovations and strategies, working with the feedback received from the W@tskills team and experts. A round of discussions followed where each team shared about where it is placed in terms of the submission and how they were working to incorporate the feedback from experts and coaches. These discussions were followed by teams moving into the Breakout Rooms prepared, where they continued to work on the pitch presentations and posters. During this time, each team was...

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