25.10.2015 – Team-building days



by Merita Abdullahi

University of Mitrovica-Kosovo

The Netherland… a country of diversity with a rich culture, canal cruises everywhere surrounded. A city with the highest museum density in the world and as well I would claim that this country basically is a synonym of the most ecologically part of the Europe.

I am so honored to experience every single moment of the great accompaniment among the professional team workers and organizers who provides their generous energy and the support for us.


While the city scrolling in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, I captured some great views from the adorable architectural buildings and historical points all observed from the cruise all around the city showing such a peaceful visual sight ! One of the other highlights were the houseboat which really makes this country unique and as well the snackbars everywhere with some typically Dutch food.


In the other hand regarding to our professional visit of Aqua Reuse and the Watersnood museum, I saw such a unique system offering the reuse water provided by a low cost from the passive filter which requires no power or chemical to drive the treatment process and deliver the safe water drinking.

I am waiting forward to see the next part of my visit here and I am pretty sure that this would be one of my greatest experience meeting a lot of people all around the world and cooperating with such a high-ranking staff like Wetskills team programme.


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