27.10.2015 AP from sunrise to sunset!!!!!



by Ben Ukrainsky

University of the Technion-Israel

We woke up to another beautiful sunny day in the city of Amsterdam just to find out that most of the day we will actually stay inside the hostel to work on our action plan (AP).Part of the groups went out early in the morning while the others stayed in the hostel which was quite convenient because they slept longer which is really important nowadaysJJ.

Me and my lovely team stayed at the hostel so we managed to get more familiar with the case topic, make a detailed literature survey and especially get to know each other much better(who knew where is Surinam?!?). From what I understood, when talking with some members of the other groups- most of them seemed quite pleased, even the team that had to woke up very early in the morning because the needed to drive all the way to the south of Netherlands to a city which probably I will not recall its name even if I will hear it 100 times (Dutch language and all…). Most of the participants said they felt much better with understanding the goals of their case studies so it was really nice to hear it.

Looking forward to our visit tomorrow at the Cheese factory.

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