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What’s In It For You?

Is your university organizing a water-related event and would you like to involve YWP or students? Do you like to host a Wetskills event or send some of your students (Bachelor, Master or PhD) to one of the next Wetskills events? Are you looking for exchange opportunities? Would you like to do research on out-of-box ideas (WetsNext)? Are you looking to international universities with water-related track for cooperation?

Participants For Upcoming Wetskills Challenges

Wetskills is always looking for enthusiastic Young Professionals and students with a passion for water. The students do not necessarily need to have a water background. We are looking for the new champions for our water sector!

Wetskills Water Challenges attracts case owners with cases concerning topics as: Resource recovery, temporary embankments, SMART cities, urban wetlands. But we welcome every potential challenge on water!

Join Wetskills

  • Extraordinary experience for participants
  • Skills development for Next Generation
  • Trandisciplinary and transcultural cooperation in practice
  • Real-life challenges provided and supported by the sector partners
  • Informal and energizing ice-breaker during a larger formal event
  • PR & Communication for the organising partners and involved organisations
  • Global network between water-related universities
  • Follow-up activities and business (WetsNext projects)
  • Internship opportunities
  • Wetskills Alumni network

Previous Study Cases

Do you want to become inspired by other study case descriptions? See here for previous study cases:

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Wetskills-Romania 2019 – cases, posters, participant blogs and more
Wetskills-South Korea 2018 – cases
Wetskills-The Netherlands 2018 – cases
Wetskills-South Africa 2018 – cases

How It Works

Water event


Wetskills connects with universities all over the world. These universities have the possibility to network with local water companies, government and other universities.


Organisations provide an inspiring Water Challenge for a team of Students and Young Professionals. They thereby promote their company and connect with young talent.


Students and young professionals from these universities join the Wetskills Events and work in a team to solve the water issues in the cases provided by organisations.

Partner Universities

Wetskills Events Wave

Wetskills built up a global network with international universities doing research on water. Wetskills still maintain this network for future Wetskills Water Challenges and WetsNext projects as follow-up of Wetskills results. Please find below some academia which provided participants to the Wetskills programme and/or Wetskills organization had contact with:

Join Us

Wetskills Events Wave

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