23.10.2015 – Wetskills NL Expectations



by Laura Stanescu

University Politehnica of Bucharest

Hi, I’m Laura from Romania and in the following paragraphs I’m hoping to sketch an entryway to the collection of thoughts, opinions and reflections that comprise the traditional Wetskills blog posts.

I find myself with the laptop in front of me, willing myself to write about my expectations regarding Wetskills Netherlands. Somehow, it doesn’t “come out” the way I want it to, words and phrases refusing to abide the form. And then I remember a valuable lesson I learned in Wetskills Romania: sometimes you have to let things flow on their own.

I would say that coming to the Netherlands, my expectations regarding Wetskills focus a lot on getting along with different cultures and striving to give back to the local community. I hope to see the cases come to life as all the team members work together, putting differences aside in order to have the best possible outcome. Also, a very important aspect of such an intensive program is the fun part, which I look forward to.

Just a day into the Netherlands experience and I can say that some of the suppositions I made before coming to Amsterdam are taking form. Coming from a background where private space is found at leisure, the prospect of having to share a room with quite a few people initially scared me. I have to say that up to now it’s okay and at times can actually be fun. Moving on to other aspects, the weather is nice and mellow, the food is lekker and generally everything seems to fall into place nicely. I don’t know what the future may hold in store, but my hopes lean towards seamless team work, coupled with learning a lot (not only technical wise, but also from a cultural point), everything topped off with a lot of good cheer (and Dutch beer, that stuff is delicious!).



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