Wetskills Publications by year

11 January | News | Wetskills Water Challenges in Feb-March 2023 – H2O/KNW Waternetwerk [in Dutch]

12 October | News | Wetskills Water Challenges in India & Egypt – H2O/KNW Waternetwerk [in Dutch]

30 May | News | Wetskills Water Challenges – juni-sept 2022 – H2O/KNW Waternetwerk [in Dutch]

1 February | Movie | Final Ceremony of the #Wetskills10 Years Jubilee Celebration in The Netherlands Pavilion of the Dubai 2022 World Expo

1 February | Movie | Wrap-up of Wetskills-United Arab Emirates 2022 in The Netherlands Pavilion of the Dubai 2022 World Expo

31 January | News | ‘Wetskills Water Challenge Mumbai 2021‘, Office for International Affairs, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, OIA Newsletter, January 2022

18 January | Movie | Finals & Awarding Ceremony (full movie) of Wetskills-United Arab Emirates 2022, organized in The Netherlands Pavilion of the Dubai 2022 World Expo

17 January | News | Gulf Today ‘Dutch PM Mark Rutte dubs UAE as living hub of innovative business‘ with a part about Wetskills-United Arab Emirates 2022 and see paper version of Gulf Today.

16 January | Movie | Compilation movie Wetskills-United Arab Emirates 2022

12 January | News | Wetskills Water Challenge in Dubai – H2O/KNW Waternetwerk [in Dutch]

1 December | News | W@tskills-India en Wetskills-Dubai – H2O/KNW Waternetwerk [in Dutch]

23 November | Movie | Wetskills-The Netherlands 2021 – Finals and Awarding Ceremony at the Amsterdam International Water Week 2021

5 November | Movie | Compilation movie Wetskills-The Netherlands 2021

6 October | News | Wetskills-NL 2021 met finale tijdens de AIWW – H2O/KNW Waternetwerk [in Dutch]

22 September | Movie | Compilation movie Wetskills-Romania 2021

27 August | Movie | Compilation movie Wetskills-Denmark 2021

5 August | Movie | Compilation movie W@tskills-Japan 2021

5 August | Movie | W@tskills-Japan 2021 Finals and Awarding

17 December | Article | Tien jaar Wetskills ‘Het is een Win-Win concept’ H2O magazine, November/December 2020 [in Dutch]

10 October | News | Item about Wetskills in the News Letter Water Envoy of The Netherlands – jaargang 2020, nummer 7  [in Dutch]

22 September | Movie | Full movie Finals Wetskills-NL2020 and #Wetskills10 Years Celebration

22 September | Movie | #Wetskills10 Years, Impact & Added Value

22 September | Movie | Compilation movie Wetskills-The Netherlands 2020

21 July | Movie | Alumni explains why to join Wetskills-Denmark 2020

9 June | Movie | Overview with group pictures of all 44 Wetskills groups in #Wetskills10 Years

27 May | Movie | #Wetskills10 Years for Organisers

18 March | Movie | Compilation movie Wetskills-Oman 2020

11 March | News | Samenwerking KNW Waternetwerk en Wetskills – H2O/KNW Waternetwerk [in Dutch]

February | Report | Highlights Korea International Water Week 2019, p. 45  – Wetskills South Korea at KIWW 2019

29 January | News | Wetskills Water Challenges in Oman, Colombia en Zuid-Afrika – H2O/KNW Waternetwerk [in Dutch]

19 November | News | Jongeren op het Deltacongres – Deltanieuws 2019#4 [in Dutch]

7 November | Movie | Side-event Wetskills Water Challenges during Budapest Water Summit – movie by Embassy of the Netherlands in Hungary

5 November | News | Pitch Wetskills over bodemdaling veengebieden blaast jury omver – H2O/KNW Waternetwerk [in Dutch]

5 November | Tweet | Middle East Desalination Research Centre – MEDRC

24 October | News |  Doing business in India involves more than signed contracts– NWP Newsletter

22 October | News | Wetskills Hongarije: winnaars maken plan voor vergroten waterbewustzijn kinderen – WaterForum online [in Dutch]

16 October | News | Twee Wetskills Water Challenges tijdens bezoek koningspaar aan India – H2O/KNW Waternetwerk [in Dutch]

2 October | News | Wetskills Water Challenge met finale tijdens AIWW 2019 – H2O/KNW Waternetwerk [in Dutch]

12 September | News | WETSKILLS CHALLENGE MÉXICO 2019 – Universidad Panamericana

25 April | News | AfriAlliance and Wetskills foster a community of water management professionals – Smart Water Magazine

27 March | News | True Value of Water plan wint Wetskills-Oman 2019 – H2O/KNW Waternetwerk [in Dutch]

10 DecemberReport Wetskills-Kyrgyzstan 2018

2 NovemberNews item website Dutch Water Sector: ‘Wetskills Kyrgyzstan: Winning case on smart financing of sustainable irrigation by farmers’

12 OctoberPress-release about Wetskills-Kyrgyzstan 2018

28 JuneNews item website Dutch Water Sector: ‘WISA2018: ‘Bye Day Zero’ wins Wetskills South Africa challenge’

27 June – News item website Royal Netherlands Water Network: ‘BYE DAY ZERO’ [in Dutch]

7 June Aartsen et al. (2018) ‘Connecting water science and policy in India: lessons from a systematic water governance assessment in the city of Ahmedabad‘ Regional Environmental Change (2018), Springer Berlin Heidelberg. [Article]

29 MayVideo about Wetskills-Colombia 2018 – broadcasted by Canal Cartagena (Facebook page Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar Cartagena) [in Spanish]

28 MayNews item website Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar Cartagena: ‘Wetskills en busca de soluciones para las problemáticas del agua en Colombia’ [in Spanish]

12 FebruariNews item website Royal Netherlands Water Network: ‘Olympische Wetskills in Zuid Korea’ [in Dutch]

12 FebruariNews item website Dutch Water Sector: ‘Winning team Wetskills Korea water challenge announced at Olympic Winter Games’

12 FebruariNews item website WaterForum: ‘Winnaars Wetskills ontwerpen systeem voor opwekken energie in waterleiding’ [in Dutch]

8 FebruariNews item website Water, wereldwerk!: ‘Wetskills Zuid-Korea: “De grootste uitdaging is uitvinden waar de pijn zit”’ [in Dutch]

31 JanuaryNews item website News1 Korea: ‘네덜란드 전문가들, K-water 선진 물관리 역량 체험’ [in Korean]

31 JanuaryNews item website CC Daily News: ‘K-water, 네덜란드 전문가에 물관리 역량 선보여’ [in Korean]

31 JanuaryNews item website MTN: ‘K-water 선진 물관리, 네덜란드 현장견학 실시’ [in Korean]

23 JanuaryNews item website Water, Wereldwerk!: ‘Wetskills Challenge: Watertalenten naar Olympische Spelen in Zuid-Korea’ [in Dutch]

November – News item website Dutch Water Sector: ‘AIWW 2017: Rain triggered fish passage wins Wetskills young professionals challenge’

November – Feingold et al. 2017 ‘The City Blueprint Approach: Urban Water Management and Governance in Cities in the U.S.’ Environmental Management (2018) 61:9–23 [Article]

1 NovemberNews item H2ONieuws: ‘Winnaar Wetskills Challenge: Fish Flushing voor Waternet’ [in Dutch]

20 OctoberNews item H2ONieuws: ‘Wetskills start Deltatoer voor jonge waterprofessionals uit hele wereld’ [in Dutch]

20 September – News item website Dutch Water Sector: ‘Odor Control team wins Wetskills water challenge in Israel

20 AugustArticle in CEE Glimpses of Activities – Half Year report 2017.

6 June – News item website Dutch Water Sector: ‘Heat stress city app wins Romania Wetskills Water Challenge’

30 MayNews item website World Water Academy: ‘Good teamwork at Wetskills-Romania 2017’

1 MayNews letter Dutch Romania Network about 25th Wetskills event, celebrated in Bucharest [in Dutch]

28 MarchPress release Wetskills-United Kingdom 2017

22 March – Koop et al. 2017 – ‘City Blueprint Approach – Key opportunities for India’s urban water challenges’ WaterDigest, India pp. 67-73 (read Article).

18 JanuaryNews item Silver Drop wint Wetskills-India 2017 [in Dutch]

14 January – News itemCentre for Environment Education signs MoU with Wetskills for further water challenges‘ Times of India, city Ahmedabad

12 January – Foto coverage Wetskills Finals at Vibrant Gujarat 2017, Ghandinagar

6 January – News item Wetskills India [in Gujarati]

3 January –News item, ‘Dutch and Indian students to solve water issues‘ Times of India, city Ahmedabad

2 November – First Wetskills challenge in Iran won by plan to make flamingos return to lake Urmiawebsite DutchWaterSector

2 August – ‘Sfeerimpressie: De mooie Wetskills zomer 2016‘ by Johan Oost (Managing Director Wetskills Foundation) [in Dutch]

30 July – The China Post news itemWetskills Taiwan ’16 comes to end

23 July – TV News Formosa TV (水利青年營 台、荷生探討解決水資源問題) [Chinese]

23 July – Blog by Carter Craft (Netherlands Consulate in New York) ‘Wetskills workshop reveals Boston’s metabolism

6 July – Media Advisory about Wetskills-Taiwan 2016

3 JulyOverview about Wetskills Water Challenge in Bostonwebsite

1 JulyOpinion in the Boston Globe ‘Is Boston ready for Climate Change?

14 JuneDutch, US experts meet in Boston for Wetskills Water Challengewebsite Embassy of Kingdom of The Netherlands in United States of America

14 June – Press release BrainHurricane Wetskills-USA 2016: Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis opens Wetskills in Boston

19 May – Press release Finals WetskillsZA 2016Impressive finals of Wetskills South-Africa [English & Dutch]

10 May – Press release BrainHurricane Wetskills-South Africa 2016: Wetskills Brain Hurricane in Durban [English & Dutch]

4 May – Press release Start Wetskills-South Africa 2016: Wetskills: for the third time in South-Africa [English & Dutch]

15 March – Report Wetskills-India 2015

15 January – News item by knowledge program Duurzaam Door (RVO) [in Dutch]

20 December – website of Centre for Environmental Education about Wetskills-India 2015

12 December – News letter about Wetskills experiences in The Netherlands, Kosovo Network for Wastewater Treatment, Merita Abdullahi (University of Mitrovica)

8 December – News item by DNA India news paper

6 December – News item by CityLife Ahmedabad (India) news paper [in Gujarati]

29 November – News item by CityLife Ahmedabad (India) news paper [in Gujarati]

15 November – Oost & Diels (2015) Poster ‘Wetskills Water challenge – An innovative approach of experimental learning and networking for water students and Young Professionals‘, IWA YWP-ZA Conference, Pretoria, November 2015

15 November – Oost & Diels (2015) ‘Wetskills Water challenge – An innovative approach of experimental learning and networking for water students and Young Professionals‘, Paper IWA YWP-ZA Conference, Pretoria, November 2015

12 November – News letter by knowledge program Duurzaam Door (RVO) [in Dutch]

1 November – Robescu & Manea (2015) ‘Improving Teamwork Skills of the Students by Extra Curricular Activities‘ 3rd International Engineering and Technology Education Conference & 7th Balkan Region Conference on Engineering and Business Education, Sibiu, Romania (Article)

24 October – website Dutch Water Sector

27 September – Jensen, Van der Meij-Kranendonk & Oost (2015) ‘Collaborate to Innovate – Building the global water generation‘ Worldwater Stormwater Management. Vol. 3/ Issue 3, Aug/Sep 2015, pp. 20-23. (Article)

6 July – Website Ryerson Urban Water about Wetskills-USA 2015

6 July – Article ‘Team Forward of BersonUV wins first Wetskills Water Challenge in USA‘, website The Netherlands Embassy and Consulates, United States

26 June – Article ‘Students tackle water challenges in Wetskills competition‘ by Journal Sentinel (business section), Milwaukee Wisconsin

23 June – Radio interview by Susan Bence, WUWM 89.7 FM – Milwaukee Public Radio

19 June – Press releaseKickstart of Wetskills-USA with the Brain Hurricane event [English]

18 June – News itemScrap the sand, Save the land winnaar Wetskills-Romania 2015 [Dutch]

11 June – Press releaseWetskills goes USA! – Wetskills Water Challenge for the first time in the United States [English]

5 June – Press releaseWetskills: back to Romania! [English]

22 December – SEED Student takes Wetskills Project a Step Further for $15,000 Prizewebsite University of Waterloo

14 December – News item in Milwaukee Business Journal

24 October – Article at website of University of Waterloo by Arun Raj & Eduardo Cejudo (two participants)

17 September – Website University Wisconsin-Whitewater: UW-Whitewater student wins international water competition, university to host event in 2015

July/August – Article: ‘Wetskills highlights young talent‘, Water & Sanitation Africa, pp 11-13, see link

14 July – Blog by Johan Oost about two Challenges in South Africa and Canada at NWP website

04 July – Blog by Babeth Bosma about experiences Wetskills Canada,

19 June – Press ReleaseWater Hollistics wins the Wetskills-Canada 2014 [English]

14 June – Press ReleaseWetskills-Canada 2014 launches with the Brain Hurricane Event! [English]

12 June – ‘Winnaar Wetskills Water Challenge Zuid Afrika: Investing in “Heart”ware‘, see link [Dutch]

06 June – Lowveld is lekker (paper): ‘Winning team of the Wetskills Challenge SA’

03 June – Media advisoryWetskills-Canada 2014 – Canadian-Dutch Water Challenge [English]

30 May – ‘WISA2014: Concept of business wise training wins second Wetskills Water Challenge in South Africa‘, see link [English]

30 May – Lowvelder-Nelspruit (paper) p.17: ‘Water wisdom impresses‘, see link

29 May – Press releaseWinner Young Water Professionals Wetskills at WISA: Businesswise training development and delivery [English]

23 May – Dutch Water Sector website: Passionate South African, Mozambican and Dutch young water professionals started Wetskills Challenge South Africa 2014, see link [English]

22 May – Press releaseYoung Water Professionals start with the BrainHurricane during Wetskills Challenge South Africa 2014 [English]

23 January – Haaretz (Israel): In praise of sewage [English]

20 December – Al Mithak (Israel): News item about Wetskills [Arabic]

18 December – Screenshot website Technion [Hebrew] and website Technion [English]

10 December – website Technion [English]

09 December – Press releaseWetskills-Israel 2013 – finals [English]

05 December – News item at at Dutch Water Sector website

02 December – Press releaseBrainHurrican Wetskills-Israel 2013 [English]

08 November – Press release‘Dyeing for a change’ wins the second Wetskills Water Challenge in The Netherlands [English]

30 October – Press release: Future Leaders Event [English]

20 Augustus – ROMAqua An XIX, nr.4 / 2013, vol.88: Wetskills-Romania 2013 [English], see link [English]

13 June – Persbericht‘Sound and Safe’ wint de eerste editie van Wetskills Water Challenge in Roemenië [Dutch]

03 June – website with announcement Wetskills-Romania 2013 [Romanian]

09 June – Press-release (Dutch Embassy in South Africa): ‘Sewage Treatment: A Walk in the Park’ wins South Africa’s first Wetskills Water Challenge [English]

08 April – EurOman Magazine: The Oman Water Challenge: Royal Wetskills 2012 [English]

15 January – News item at Dutch Water Sector website

10 January – Persbericht: Wetskills-Oman 2012 [Dutch]

10 January – Paper (Oman): News item about Wetskills [Arabic]

28 November – Persbericht Wetskills Indonesia, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences [Dutch]

07 November – Persbericht‘Living with Water, and Loving it’ wint AGV Innovation Award Young Water Professionals [Dutch]

14 October – H2O No.20 / 2011, Vol.44, pp14-15: Wetskills voorbeeld van gezamenlijke internationale profilering van Nederlandse wateropleidingen (Johan Oost & Rick Heikoop) [Dutch]

14 October – H2O No.20 / 2011, Vol.44, pp10-13: Nederlands wateronderwijs in internationale context (Huiberdien Sweeris) [Dutch]

07 September – Nuffic Transfer (The Netherlands): Wetskills profileert zich in de wereld [Dutch]

August – Book YWP program Amsterdam International Water Week 2011

May – leaflet announcement Wetskills Water Challenge for Amsterdam International Water Week 2011.

19 July – Sfeerimpressie Wetskills in Shanghai 2010 [Dutch]

17 June – Website Wuhan University [Chinese and English]

08 June – PersberichtStudenten lossen watervraagstukken op in Shanghai [Dutch]

01 June – WaterForum: Nederlandse studenten verleiden Chinese jongeren tot wateropleiding in Nederland [Dutch]

01 June – Go Abroad nr.5: Nederlandse studenten promoten hun wateropleidingen tijdens de World Expo 2010 [Dutch]

May – Flyer meeting Dutch Delta Design 2012 [Dutch]