24.10.2015 – The city with the red lights and three crosses



by Shawn Wijngaarde

Engineering student at Windesheim University of applied science


Saturday was the day most of us arrived in Amsterdam, a sunny day with a great vibe and a lot of enthusiastic people who are ready for the challenge that awaited us in the following week. As a local I was already familiar with the city of Amsterdam but it’s not all about seeing new things. In this case it was a great opportunity to get to know everyone. Especially because all of us are from different cultures, nationalities and all have different backgrounds in studies and employment.


We started the day with photo’s in front of “The nightwatch” statues, a boat tour through Amsterdam; showing us interesting highlights of Amsterdam. After the tour we went on a stroll in Amsterdam city centre where many got their first impression of the Netherlands; cyclist, traffic, public transportation, buildings and habits were the main topic until, we entered the red light district. Well you get what the next topic was…

After getting to know Amsterdam some of the participants went to a local brewery which was placed next to one of Holland’s landmarks – an old windmill. Other participants went on to get settled in the hostel.


To end a day of walking, talking and a lot of walking we had dinner at a local restaurant.

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