Month: March 2023

Reflection Wetskills Team member Loay

Loay Alatrash (Wetskills Team member, World Waternet and Young Expert Programme, Palestine) Different cultures, several religions, divers group for one goal, Innovation solutions for more clean water. Ten days in New…
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We are very close to our pitch day

Wetskills-USA 2023, by Thaiane Fatima Maciel dos Santos – Our Saturday started quite differently in NYC. We are very close to our pitch day, with deadlines for posters, pitch and…
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Crunch time! Fun times?

Wetskills-USA 2023, by Ayanda Tsitsa – This morning started fairly rough with submissions for the paper and mock presentations due in the morning. Every team was up and ready to…
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Today is Day 6 and its St. Patricks day!

Wetskills-USA 2023, by Danica Carnow (University of the Western Cape, PhD candidate from South Africa) – It’s St. Patrick’s Day and the final day of our stay at the Consulate…
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Our project is like making a smoothie

Wetskills-USA 2023, by Daan Bood (Civil technical Advisor, Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier) Our team started our project by researching ways to address the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean. The…
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Enjoying a well deserved beer after work

Wetskills-USA 2023, by Steven Ree (Wageningen University & Research, Rijkswaterstaat) Today we continued working on our cases at the South African Consulate. So far, we spent a lot of time…
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This is my blog – Snow in NYC

Wetskills-USA 2023, by Ayman Kassem (World Waternet) Today was snowing day in NYC, we move to south Africa embassy, the train was extremely busy we squeezing ourselves to fit in…
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