Best batch ever



by Akankshya Rath, Aarya Dey, Shrenee Waghmare, Soomrit Chattopadhyay, Sunakshi Bakshi and Sujit Roy


Day 4 of the online wetskills program hosted in association with Tata Institute of Social Science Mumbai started off with a session on communication skills. With the plan of action in hand, it was time to start working on the need for communication to showcase our progress and final results to the jury. The session was delivered in a very simple and catchy manner .Various types of poster designs were shown .This gave an idea about the types of font and document design to be used. An introduction to the ideal elevator pitch was also given which also included pre-recorded videos.

After the communication session ,it was time to catch up with each other and work on our communication skills in terms of design and bringing the entire idea across. We also had to choose the person who was going to deliver the pitch and Since the project brief was very specific ,it suited us to choose varied designs that showcased the solution rather than problem. The further discussions were also dominated by the need to choose a team name as a consultant working in the water and specifically for us in the wastewater industry. Post the event, we all decided to have dinner at a nearby restaurant. Just kidding, since the program is online, we just logged out☹

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