Weekend Teams



By Sampreeti, Feby, Sonali, Vivek


The sixth day of the Wetskills Challenge’21 was an off day as it was the weekend. However, we kept our research intact and worked on the poster, pitch and the final report. Our coach Machtelijn Brummel and our Team Expert, Vijayakrishnan Pavangat, helped us extensively with several journal articles, reports and innovative ideas that could potentially be added to our case study. Additionally, coach Brummel provided us with some local experts who helped us gain a deeper insight into our experimental field site, i.e., the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat of Southern Mumbai.

Group discussions were one of the key strengths of the teamwork as the same facilitated the smooth progress of our case study. However, we were people from different time zones, which made us amusingly have a time calculator on our homescreens at all times. Pretty sure this was the case with the other teams too!! So finally, we fixed a time, met, discussed, and here we are, almost nearing the end of this challenge.

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