Virtual Working Day at WetSkills



by Team 2


The two-week program has bestowed upon us innumerable opportunities and learnings. The usual day in the life of an intern revolves around multiple tasks. To begin with, the session is initiated by Mr.Johan Oost, Managing Director. He delivers valuable lessons on business canvass modelling, pitch, and poster presentations. Additionally, he creates a space for interactive discussions, feedback, and brainstorming sessions.

The second half of the day is spent with our team members and coach. The concept of Breakout rooms is an interesting concept that virtual media has endowed us with. The team along with the coach discusses the project, strategies, timelines, etc. Most importantly, it bonds and learns from each other. The amalgamation of diverse team members certainly adds glory to my day. I and my team members are indeed quite lucky to have Mr. Marcel Rompelman as our coach. He is a very amicable person to work with.

It feels like the break-out room periods get over in a jiffy.

However, post the team discussion, it’s time to say goodbye to our team members and colleagues. The day winds up with a feedback session.

The wholesome experience provided by WetSkills is a lifetime opportunity to cherish.

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