2021 Wetskills The Netherlands

By Zintle Pretty Mbeka (South Africa) & Yudi Zhang (China)


Its deadline day today for the Poster and the Paper. I was sitting at home (South Africa) waiting for updates from my teammates to get ready to write the blog and help with finalizing our tasks. As someone who did Wetskills 2021 South Africa online, it was not hard to be able to participate and having such wonderful and amazing teammates, who made sure that I get updates and they involve me in everything and all the major decisions, made things so much easy for me and they made me feel like I was there in person with them. I felt their love from afar.




Everyone was so focused and concentrating on their laptops as it is a deadline day. A day to also practice their Pitches as the finals are close.








Good ideas start from brainstorming and the best ideas start from a cup of coffee. This week is super busy, so most of us drink a lot of coffee to keep ourselves away from being exhausted. I had an awesome night with Kbb.  We practice pitching again and again. Tomorrow is our outcome day.


I hope every team will perform very well on this miracle Thursday. No matter what we do, whether good or bad, we continue to be part of everything. Nobody can be drop out. If someone wants product wheat, the change must be deeper than the surface, the person must be ploughed and resown. In my mind, the competition is not really there. Everyone will be a winner.


I live with Kb, Nina, Miruna and Ionela for almost two weeks. We had a lot of happy moments and I will miss them after tomorrow.  Finally, thank all wetskills supervisors Marcel, Johan, Odwa and my amazing team members.



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