BrainHurricane: A melting point of ideas



by Team 3 (Aakanksha, Chhavi, Ionela, Janice, Rohit, Vamsi)


The second day of WetSkills’21 began on a high note with an enriching session by a variety of experts from a wide plethora of backgrounds. Right after the session, all the participants were divided into their teams and we all entered our Breakout Rooms, excited and waiting to have one-on-one with our coach and experts from diverse areas. Then, we had the chance to talk to the experts. With their specialization in different domains, the experts helped us by giving points of view for our situation/case. Their insights for our topic helped in widening our dimension of thought, which in turn, became a solid basement to our action plan. The valuable inputs generated channelized the thought process of our team and we as a team were able to work on the new ideas and solutions. We liked the fact that the experts were very willing to remain in touch and provided us with their contact details for doubts and queries. We missed a few members of our team, but it all worked out well with our teamwork and communication. Team meetings and sessions enabled that and acted as a medium of exchange of new ideas and thoughts — every member came with a zeal to bring in creative solutions. The team could think better and work collaboratively. 

The day was aptly named BrainHurricane for the immense amount of ‘speed dating’ that happened. Due to time constraints, each time got ten minutes to interact with the experts which led to quite a hurricane of thoughts, ideas, innovation, knowledge and experienced, unparalleled wisdom.

The experience was so beautiful to witness – how in spite of covid and resultant shortcomings, it is possible to interact with people from across the globe.

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