Adding the Final Garnish



by Abhimanyu Pathak, Ejaaz Ahmed, Maisha Ahmed, Meghna Susan Kurien, Priyal Tale and Vrushali Gaurkar


The 8th day of WetSkills ’21 began with a short session where all of us gave updates on the work that we had been doing and all the teams shared their experiences of having discussions with the experts. After this quick conversation it was time to get back to work and prepare for the pre-presentations practice that was scheduled for the next day.

As we headed back to the breakout rooms to work on our cases we knew it was just about consolidating all the work that we had done into a final draft poster and pitch. We quickly divided the tasks at hand and got to work. It started off just like any other day and then became a lot more fun as we began preparing the script for our pitch, which turned out to be a truly collaborative exercise as each one of us chipped in with the lines. Once that was done, we moved on to creating the logo and making the poster.

We were also visited by the Co-founder & director Wetskills, Mr. Johan Oost and we all had a really nice chat with him and updated him about everything that we had done. It was a really fulfilling day as we could finally see our vague, abstract and at times disconnected ideas taking shape into the final product.

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