Wetskills-United Kingdom

Day 10: From a cup of tea to cocktails! by Katherine Fuller

blog Wetskills-UK 8 April – by Katherine Fuller (Exeter University)

Today started with my classic cup of tea (something I cannot live without) and a day of beautiful sunshine. I spent the morning with Joy and Annelise (together we are The Inter-Linkers) finishing off the memo and writing a business plan for our case study ‘The European Junior Water Program’.

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Wetskills-United Kingdom has started on Thursday 30 March. This is the first time that a British Wetskills Water Challenge is organised. 12 British, Belgian, Israeli, Palestinian and Dutch students / YWP will work on 4 cases about water provided by the water sector, see event page. This time the finals will be organized during the conference of International Water Association - Young Water Professionals in UK, organised in Bath this year. The finals will be held at 11 April in the morning and the awarding is in the evening. Do you want to know more about the event, the team working, the participants' thoughts and feelings and the results? Follow Wetskills-United Kingdom 2017 with our daily blogs....

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