Day No. 9: working, working, working…- by Naama Segev



blog Wetskills-UK 7 April – by Naama Segev (Technion)

Woke up at 7 a.m., got to Uni of Bath by 8.30 a.m. (with line U1 of course) and filled room No. 3.15 with lots of energy.

Today we presented our work to the group for the first time!

It was so nice to watch the products of all the teams. Considering it’s only been a week since the cases were presented to us, I am proud to say that an amazing job was done!!! The posters are creative, colorfully and certainly OUT OF THE BOX!

Since no one did it before, I think it’s the time to present the people behind the posters..

team 1
team 2
team 3
team 4

team 1 – Naama, Amanda & Jesse. The winning team! (ya…well… I’m not very objective). We had a very good team spirit. It was fun working, thinking, discussing and dancing together (the Jessica dance)!

team 2 – Yasmin, Noortje & Zayneb. Probably, if you ask anyone in our group he will say this team is the hardest working team! Spending a lot of time on data collection and meeting with professionals! Good job girls!

team 3 – Annelise, Joy & Katherine. The European Water Girl Power team! This team worked very hard, making a great pitch and a wonderful poster! (of course, Annelise my room-mate, didn’t help me writing this…)

team 4 – Gali, Hazel & Jochem. The engagement team (soon to be married)! Probably gonna save the world in the next 365 days, with their creative minds.


And, as we like to say – last but not least: Inge & Chrysoula!

Our amazing Wetskills leaders! Working all the time making sure we are happy (yes Chrysoula, we are happy!). always ready to help with food, drinks (very important) and good company!


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