blog Wetskills – UK 5 April – by Amanda Krijgsman



blog Wetskills-UK 5 April – by Amanda Krijgsman (Wageningen University and Research center)

Today was a very special day. It reminded me on a tv series which I grew up with, called “Keeping Up Appearances” filmed between 1990-1995.

The habits of the main character Hyacinth Bucket has made my family and me laugh a lot. For the ones who don’t know “Keeping Up Appearances”, it is basically about the saying nothing is what it seems. And so is Bath, as I discovered today. Well, in the Georgian times of Bath at least. Today we have had a city tour around Bath from a lovely lady at age, who surprisingly walked very very fast. She learned us, that although the façades from the houses look very beautiful, the back of the houses don’t.

The saying nothing is what it seems does also apply to our Wetskills cases in some way. In the way that you always have to dig in further before you actually understand where the case is really is about. It’s day 7 of Wetskills now, and I think we’ve all reached this point of understanding now. The pressure is going up as the deadline approaches. But that’s not a bad thing, it feeds the creativity and I can tell you, I have heard brilliant ideas so I highly recommend you to stay tuned to this blog until the very end of Wetskills UK.

As the blogger of the day, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wetskills with a hurray! Besides all the hard working, we have lots of fun. I feel like I am on a sort of holiday with people I didn’t know until now. Besides the topic water, we talk about how to propose and how you would like to be proposed, how cute the bartender is and how the food tastes; we made friends 😀  Cheers to that!


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