blog Wetskills-UK 4 April – by Jochem Waterval



blog Wetskills-UK 4 April – by Jochem Waterval (Wageningen University and Research center)

Just like Monday and Friday we went to the University at 8 am to avoid the rush hour of the students. Everyone was on time, we should treat ourselves for that!

At the University we started today with a presentation of our lovely leaders Inge and Chrysoula (visible in the photo, how charming!)(uhhh what is that in the photo? What kind of drinks? That is no water!) about the pitch and poster. They gave us a lot of useful information and a better idea of what to do for the pitch. I have to give the pitch for my group and I am very curious how to put all the information in only 2 minutes! At the end, if you just smile, everything will be okay.


The afternoon was filled with working on the case and it went smoothly. My group and I made a very promising start on the report and poster! I have the feeling that every case is going more and more in the right direction. I like the lunch options at the University where you can create your own salad for only 2,50. And of course I did this the Dutch way, you put as much food in your bowl as possible, and then a little bit more… Don’t fool yourself with this photo, my bowl was twice as full as it is on the photo!


After a hard day of work I decided to go for a run in Bath to see more of the park and river before I went to get a very nice sandwich together with Jesse. I can really recommend this sandwich, but unfortunately because of commercial rights I am not able to give the name or location!

The evening was quite relaxing and I had enough inspiration for this blog. Some people went for a drink and some people just sad outside the hostel gossiping about…. If you want to know about what, just ask Chrysoula!


Cheersssss, Jochem Waterval

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