Day 1 of the conference – by Hazel Lewis



blog Wetskills-UK 10 April – by Hazel Lewis (Waterwise)

Today was the first day of the IWA Young Water Professionals Conference. The theme this year is ‘A Water Wolrd Without Boundaries’.

After a leisurely morning and the first lie in in a while – much needed after all the booze Chrysoula and Inge treated us to last night, the Wetskills gang picnicked on the leftover food from last night’s party.

After narrowly escaping from some vicious pigeons and seagulls, we got the bus up to the university, where the conference was being held. We looked around hall where there were some interesting posters displayed – some competition for our own posters, which will be on display tomorrow. This was a great chance to network and speak to people from all over the world. The first half of the conference consisted of various presentations by young and some not-so-young water professionals about their career in water. The second half consisted of workshops. Some of us learnt about water and data and discussed the various challenges, whilst others got more career advice. A few of us discussed inter-disciplinary communication with our very own Chrysoula, whilst others attended the workshop on public engagement. In the evening most of us had a meal out and some attended the welcoming drinks. Others – especially those who are presenting tomorrow and had seen the size of the conference room – decided to stay back at the hostel, practice our presentations and get an early night. Tomorrow we present our pitches and team 4 will be awarded with the winning prize – can’t wait!

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