Day 8 of Wetskills summary – By Gali Fux



blog Wetskills-UK 6 April – by Gali Fux (Technion)

A week has passed since the program began and each group is concentrated on its study case. It seems that the unfamiliar and vague problem that was initially presented is now well defined, processed and figured out.

Work atmosphere is high; people almost forgot to have lunch (god forbid!). Preparing together the poster, pitch and paper, each member’s point of view and vision is spread out and a merge of ideas is required. In our group, each member has different responsibility but joint discussions lead the work.

In midday, few of us went to a lecture delivered by “Anglian Water”. Group members tell: Hazel: “The lecture was about innovation in the UK water sector. Anglian water is a hell of an innovative company”. Katherine: “Innovation in water sector is important. Water companies want to partner with universities in search of these solutions.”

At the evening, Inge and Chrysoula pampered us with oriental cuisines in a take away dinner. We played a low-budget game with toilet paper as a leading theme. Numeral bizarre details were revealed on each member, depending on his affection towards sitting in the toilet. It’s nice to find out common things between people from different places, to learn about their fears and hobbies, and have a feeling of intimacy, despite the short acquaintance.



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