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blog Wetskills-UK 3 April – by Yasmin Joenje (Waterschap Rijn en IJssel)

Today was another day at the university. After our breakfast in the nice and cosy hostel we gathered together at 0800h to take the purple bus towards university.

Apparently it is common in the UK to form a line when waiting for the bus. Of course we were too unorganized to notice this but fortunately our host Chrysoula is an awesome manager and got us to form a line as well.

Our first activity of the day was to discuss our Action Plan (what you’re going to do). Inge and Chrysoula inspired us to ‘think-outside-the-box’ and to forget about existing plans and ideas for a while. Well, that’s extremely difficult! We all like our comfort zone and it’s easy to stay in this zone. Therefore, we tried to look with a more creative view at our case study.

At 16.00h we decided to walk from the university back to the hostel in the city centre of Bath. The University of Bath is situated on a hill so that offers the opportunity to get to know the hinterlands. It took us nearly 2 hours and we were just in time for our meeting with the expert. Our group (number 2 for the win!) organized a meeting with David Peacock of Wessex Water to talk about water management in the city of Bath. It was an extremely useful meeting and we learned a lot about urban water management in the UK and Bath.

After our meeting with David it was finally dinner time! Today was a busy day and we have learned a lot. Not only about water management in Bath but also about creating a project and critical/creative thinking. The Wetskills team has done an amazing job!

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