Wetskills Mexico 2019

Poster and Pitch Training

Wetskills Mexcio 2019 – by Ilse Meeuwsen (Radboud University) & Cesar Chávez Flores (Instituto Tecnologico de Arandas) – After a really nice and fun night most of us had problems…
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Feedback, Piñata and Party

Wetskills Mexico 2019 – by Regina Méndez Guerrero (Universidad Panamericana) and Alejandra López Vázquez del Mercado (Universidad Panamericana) – Today we had a different workflow than the whole week; at…
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Ideas are coming together

Wetskills Mexico 2019 – by Leonardo Bueno Guerrero (Universidad de Guadalajara) & Brenda Palomares (UNAM) – Things have started to come together, today we got a peak of how far…
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Welcome to Wetskills Mexico 2019

Wetskills Mexico 2019 – by Arturo Zavala Guzmán (UNAM) and Quirine van der Meer (WDOD) –   Today was our first day of Wetskills Mexico. After an informal meeting with…
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