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Wetskills Mexico 2019 – by Leonardo Bueno Guerrero (Universidad de Guadalajara) & Brenda Palomares (UNAM) –

Things have started to come together, today we got a peak of how far other team’s work is coming along. It was the first time that we talked about the cases of everyone and we still had a big question mark above our heads. It’s amazing to see how all the creativity and ideas and different backgrounds can be depicted in the awesome ideas that are shaping.

We’ve come a long way. Here at Wetskills the journey is about working with water issues in different approaches, geographic situations and getting you out of your comfort zone to see a problem you might have seen a thousand times. It is also about teamwork; we are learning by living and practicing teamwork every day, getting to know about different cultures, and broadening our points of view in a very hip and fun schedule.

As Mexicans we believe love makes its way through the stomach, so of course lunches and dinners are an important part of our daily activities and in the weekend we had a wonderful barbecue with a traditional piñata we tasted delicious Dutch dessert and we had the wonderful opportunity to share different stories.

You can totally say we are very sustainability aware, let us show you how. On Saturday we had a blast and all that positive energy you could see was funneled into action towards the creating of the posters. We are in the road of having a killer pitch and we feel so energized and buzzing with powerful ideas we for sure will smash it in the presentations.

Looking forward to see you guys at the finals, we will keep you posted!

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