Poster and Pitch Training



Wetskills Mexcio 2019 – by Ilse Meeuwsen (Radboud University) & Cesar Chávez Flores (Instituto Tecnologico de Arandas) –

After a really nice and fun night most of us had problems to wake up this morning. Today poster and pitch training was on the program, but first two groups had a skype call with their case owners.

The poster training and the pitch training is very important, as we only have a small amount of time to finish our cases. So the time we have, we need to fill in efficiently. We saw some examples from posters of previous Wetskills and had to mention what was good and what could be improved. After the training we had a good idea how to design a poster and how it should look like.

We also noticed while talking, that all groups are struggling with their cases. This was actually a good way to do a small brain hurricane again and exchange ideas with some of the groups.

In the afternoon Sofia and Beatriz provided a typical Mexican food for lunch, it´s called Mole. It´s a dish with around 25 till 37 different ingredients, we can´t tell the ingredients cause they are secret. But it was really tasty! Ken and Brenda bought some extra food and some drinks to share, so the whole group had a really nice lunch outside.

One of the groups is really competitive and started with making photos of the 88 crazy challenges. They finished already 5 of the challenges, for example eating a full spoon of cinnamon and photographing an airplane.

After some fun, we focused again on our projects and continued with the giving feedback to the different groups. It was a really productive but long day. Now it is time to rest and prepare for a new day with new experience. Tomorrow we will go to Teotihuacan, yes some of us still struggle to pronounce this name 😉

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