Brain Hurricane in the University Panamericana



Wetskills Mexico 2019 – by Lisa Kappetijn (psychology and international politics) and Sofía Casco (innovation and design eng.) –


Today we spend the whole day at the University of Panamericana. Beautiful place with great facilities, we are honored to be hosted and appreciate the generosity. The day started relaxed with people coming in for the Wetskills introduction presentation. This gave an even better insight to all the things we are going to learn.


After that, we did the brain hurricane which was intense, but super informative. Each group of the four groups discussed their case in a 10 minute speed session with an expert. It was very interesting which gave us the feeling of getting 20 solutions, 20 problems and 5 Worldviews.


In the afternoon we all went to different directions to bring all the information together and worked on first drafts the Action Plan. Our group had the pleasure of the presence of our case owner Pure water Technology, José Martínez; who kindly gave us studying material and presentation on water filter systems and water in Mexico.


After we had lunch, delicious food (arepas) from Venezuela at a little restaurant near University; we shared some stories, places to visit in Mexico and food.


In the later afternoon, all groups got a presentation of Pure Water Technology; and then we had to finish the action plan. We also had a team building activity with everyone, where we shared stories and ideas that define us by picking a picture. We both loved this activity because we were able to find more about everyone in a very relaxing garden surrounded with grass, trees and even a cute squirrel.


In the evening we went first to the gym, then for drinks and after that for dancing with team 4.

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