Wetskills Team

Rosanne Meilink

Wetskills is an inspiring way to get in touch with and learn from different cultures on water management. Water is essential in life and therefore, interesting and essential to work…
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Ayman Kassem

Wetskills is the way to find yourself, you can share your thoughts and idea working in real cases related to water and environment, sharing and gain knowledge and experience from…
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Isabel van Klink

Water is life, it has the habit to segregate but also to unite. I am very happy to be part of the Wetskills team, because solving those challenges together tends…
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Johanna Engels

Coming from a diverse background brining engineering, the environment, hydrology, and WASH together, I enjoyed my Wetskills experience in 2020 in Oman, where I enjoyed coming together in such a…
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Loay Alatrash

Since childhood, learning by sharing has been my way to learn. Through Wetskills, I learned by meeting and sharing with different cultures, multidisciplinary, diverse races, religions, and gender.
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Laura Varga

I love events like Wetskills! Participating in Wetskills is a good occasion to meet like-minded people, to share ideas and to learn new skills as a young professional.
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Elske Möring

Water is always changing, always flowing. Just as life. Maybe one drop doesn’t have that much impact, but many drops can. Like Wetskills, together there is flow, creation and (personal)…
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Mia Zhemi

Water is both flexible and tenacious, it changes to every shape and strikes any stone. That’s why ‘wetskills’ are always essential
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Tasneem Yousef

Wet-skills is surely a life changing experience that a person should go through. For me, Being part of the Wet-skills means growing a deeper sense of global unity and appreciation!
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