Ashton Busani Mpofu

Dr Ashton Busani Mpofu is an experienced chemical engineer with more than a decade of experience across diverse fields, including market intelligence, consultancy, intellectual property (IP) law, commercialisation, research and development, water governance, teaching, and training. His professional journey encompasses roles as a senior and expert analyst, lecturer, process engineer, research and teaching assistant, as well as a dedicated school teacher. Ashton possesses a comprehensive academic background, holding bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees in chemical engineering, certificates in IP law, technology transfer and commercialisation. His master’s and doctoral research focused on the industrial wastewater and sludge beneficiation in the context of a circular bioeconomy.

Ashton is not only an accomplished professional but also a thought leader driven by a profound passion for water and technology as catalysts for inclusive and sustainable socioeconomic development. He has actively contributed to the organisation of various conferences, including his involvement in the SIWI World Water Week. Ashton is an active member of the International Water Association (IWA) where he serves as the vice chair of the Young Water Professionals Steering Committee and the outgoing chair of Young Water Professionals South Africa. His commitment extends further as a non-executive director (board member) of the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) and an advisory board member of the Imvelisi Enviropreneurs program. Beyond his formal roles, Ashton selflessly volunteers his time and expertise as a mentor, reviewer, academic supervisor, and examiner, solidifying his commitment to fostering knowledge and progress in his field.

Ashton Busani Mpofu is not just a chemical engineer; he is an influence behind positive change and innovation in the water and sanitation sector, dedicated to creating a better, more sustainable world.

Organisation: WISA
Country: South Africa


Ashton Busani Mpofu

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