Ayman Kassem

Wetskills is the way to find yourself, you can share your thoughts and idea working in real cases related to water and environment, sharing and gain knowledge and experience from youths and experts, expanding your network this is why I join Wetskills Foundation, focusing in the MENA and Gulf region one of my dreams, allowing the youth to acts and sharing the ideas.

My name is Ayman Kassem, 29 years old, from Jordan, my background is Electrical Engineer. I am working at World Waternet as a local project manager and I am YEP alumni.

I joined Wetskills Water challenge in NYC, I worked with a team from Nigeria, Mali, Brazil and the Netherlands our case was about rooftop rainwater harvesting system in Bichi city in Nigeria, during the Wetskills I had several training, we worked together for 10 days in our cases online and offline. The unique experience I had from wetskills it’s about working with the youth from different nationalities, backgrounds, and perspectives, I expanding my network, gain knowledge and experience from the team, in addition to meet experts in water to discuss more about our case and solution,

I am glad to become a member of Wetskills, my dream is expanding the event in the Arab country in the MENA and Gulf region, especially that the event focusing in the youth, allowing to them to acts and sharing their knowledge about water.

Organisation: World Waternet
Country: Jordan


Ayman Kassem

Wetskills Alumni, Wetskills Team

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