Sannah Peters

In our interconnected world, collaboration and intercultural understanding are essential. The world faces numerous water challenges that require innovative solutions. Young professionals can bring fresh perspectives, creativity, and energy to tackle complex problems. Wetskills offers young people a platform to collaborate internationally and share knowledge.

My name is Sannah Peter, asset manager of water transport at Waternet. As a former participant, I can attest to the invaluable experience Wetskills provides. It’s more than just a program: it’s an opportunity to learn, grow and make lasting friendships. By working together with other participants, you quickly develop a strong team feeling. Together you take on complex challenges, celebrate successes and overcome setbacks I look forward to continuing my journey with the Wetskills family and connecting with future water leaders.

Organisation: World Waternet
Country: The Netherlands


Sannah Peters

Wetskills Alumni, Wetskills Team

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