Fulya Kandemir

Wetskills 2023 Cape Town gave me unforgettable memories. The friends I met and the experiences we learned provided motivation for my future endeavors. Leading our team to victory in the project competition with our “SWEFT” work made our place in Cape Town history worthwhile. As Türkiye’s Wetskills team member, I promise to raise this ambition in others.

Fulya Kandemir participated in the Wetskills 2023 Cape Town event. In this event, the SWEFT project they developed as a team won first place. Fulya, who completed her PhD on climate change, renewable energy and Geographic Information Systems/Remote Sensing, is currently working as a researcher at Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. In addition, she lectures at universities and is a researcher, NFP, local coordinator/deputy coor. and member in many national/international organizations (i.e. New York Academy of Sciences-ISR, World Youth Parliament for Water, United International Federation of Youth for Water and Climate-UN1FY, UNESCO Groundwater Youth Network, Urban Transition Mission, World Bank Green and Future Cities).

Organisation: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality
Country: Türkiye


Fulya Kandemir

Wetskills Alumni, Wetskills Team

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