Maaike Krikhaar

Very happy to be part of the Wetskills community, a community that introduces young water professionals from all kinds of disciplines with diverse cultural backgrounds to each other and to the rest of the international water field.

I will co-supervise the Wetskills event in Cartagena, Colombia. I have a legal background, have worked for a Dutch water board and I am currently working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I hope to offer my legal water experience and experience in international relations to the ‘wet skilled’. I believe that cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and sharing of insights contributes to great out-of-the box solutions. I am therefore very curious to see what great solutions our diverse group of participants will offer to the clients of our water projects in Cartagena. I am happy to accompany them on this journey. It is gonna be a great experience! I hope to be involved in other Wetskills events in the future aswell.

In my spare time, I like to be on the water (kitesurfing) as much as possible, in all different parts of the world (travelling is also a big hobby of mine). Looking forward to meeting you all!

Organisation: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands
Country: The Netherlands


Maaike Krikhaar

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