Wetskills Alumni

Mthokozisi Mzingaye Moyo

I had just finished my undergrad studies in the safety net of University in 2019 when I participated in Wetskills Netherlands. The Wetskills challenge gave me a good shock on…
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Afika Ndlela

South Africa is a water-scarce country with limited freshwater resources, exacerbated by irregular rainfall patterns, droughts, and climate change impacts. Water scarcity affects both urban and rural areas, leading to…
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Alida Divine Irambona

Burundi, my home country, is blessed with access to Lake Tanganyika, the second-largest lake in the world. Its wealth in resources has always played a significant role in the life…
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Ayman Kassem

Wetskills is the way to find yourself, you can share your thoughts and idea working in real cases related to water and environment, sharing and gain knowledge and experience from…
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Isabel van Klink

Water is life, it has the habit to segregate but also to unite. I am very happy to be part of the Wetskills team, because solving those challenges together tends…
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Karabo Thato Mokoena

Water challenges are boundless to discipline, culture, or location. Wetskills Water Challenges provides a transdisciplinary approach to water challenges by connecting a diverse group of individuals which results in sustainable…
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Johanna Engels

Coming from a diverse background brining engineering, the environment, hydrology, and WASH together, I enjoyed my Wetskills experience in 2020 in Oman, where I enjoyed coming together in such a…
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Nynke Schaap

Wetskills is about crossing borders in about every possible way: crossing cultural borders, borders between countries and borders between disciplines. Being fluid, I believe water is uttermost suited for such…
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