Afika Ndlela

South Africa is a water-scarce country with limited freshwater resources, exacerbated by irregular rainfall patterns, droughts, and climate change impacts. Water scarcity affects both urban and rural areas, leading to water stress and competition for limited water supplies.

I had the privileged to actively participate in the Wetskills Water Challenges, working closely with young professionals from across the world, collaborating in finding innovative solutions to tackle water-related issues. The Wetskills Water Challenges is a proactive initiative that provides a platform to address water-related issues using a transdisciplinary approach. Water challenges are indeed universal and can impact people regardless of their discipline, culture, or geographical location. By connecting individuals from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, Wetskills Water Challenges fosters collaboration and creativity, which can lead to more sustainable and innovative solutions to water-related problems.

I strongly believe that by actively participating in such water-related initiatives and projects, young water professionals can make a significant contribution to addressing global water challenges and creating a more sustainable and equitable water future.

Organisation: Environmental Monitoring Group
Country: South Africa


Afika Ndlela

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