Alida Divine Irambona

Burundi, my home country, is blessed with access to Lake Tanganyika, the second-largest lake in the world. Its wealth in resources has always played a significant role in the life of countless communities, me included. However, witnessing the alarming threats the lake faces due to untreated water and the consequences of climate change and population growth, I have been awakened to the urgent need to preserve this precious resource and address water-related issues more broadly.

Being allowed to participate in the Wetskills competition was a privilege to see firsthand how hard everyone worked to find creative solutions to water problems. This experience has given me a sense of purpose and hope, reaffirming my determination that sustainable water solutions are feasible.

Wetskills gave us a platform that has helped me gain a deeper grasp of water problems and their solutions and introduced me to like-minded people working toward the same objective. Driven by a common purpose, we can make a more resilient and sustainable future where access to clean water is possible regardless of the geographical region.

As I gaze into the horizon of the future, my determination to make a difference in addressing water challenges burns brighter than ever.

Country: Burundi


Alida Divine Irambona

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