Wetskills Netherlands 2020

The day after

Wetskills Netherlands 2020- by Olaf Koster, University of Melbourne   Today was the day after the end of the 10 day workshop week of Wetskills. Some of the group had…
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Game day! The finals of Wetskills!

Wetskills Netherlands 2020- by Duco Bijleveld, Wageningen University   What can we expect at the finals? The finals are about to begin! The main event is the pitch of our…
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The end draws nigh!!

Wetskills Netherlands 2o2o- by Gladys Mutahi, Wetsus Academy   Team 2 working hard to polish up on the deliverables. It’s almost a wrap at the Wetskills The Netherlands 2020. The…
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Fun Sunday

Wetskills Netherlands 2020- by Marvin Ouma, Wetsus Academy       From Left to right Olaf, Dan & Bram taking a break from morning work to pose for a photo…
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Our garden pitch!

Wetskills Netherlands 2020, by Sarahi Garcia Garcia Villa, Wetsus Academy   We started our day visiting the library to prepare our pitches and posters. After 3 hours of intense and…
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Let’s see the Wadden Sea!

Wetskills Netherlands 2020- by Nienke Vermeer, Utrecht University   After a great evening of homemade food, dancing and a good’s night sleep, everyone woke up one by one in the…
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The Eureka Moment

Wetskills Netherlands 2020- by Matthijs Koop, Wageningen University     Johan explaining the structure a pitch truly needs It is 7:00 o’clock, after a quick shower and a coffee in…
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A whirlwind of a day

Wetskills Netherlands 2020- by Bram Berkelmans, YEP   Today was a thriving Wetskills day. We met up with our case owners, shared ideas, brainstormed broadly and exchanged plenty of energy…
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Excursions, excursions, excursions

Wetskills Netherlands 2020- by Ron Wolthuis   Afsluitdijk Visitors Centre The second day of the event was all about the excursion. First by bus to the Afsluitdijk to see how…
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