The day after



Wetskills Netherlands 2020-

by Olaf Koster, University of Melbourne


Today was the day after the end of the 10 day workshop week of Wetskills. Some of the group had already left last night but for those of us that stayed the extra night, we woke up for the last time in our jail hostel. I woke up early in the morning content knowing that the last 10 days were a great success. I learned a lot about the water sector in Leeuwarden, met a lot of great and interesting people and had ample networking opportunities. Looking back on yesterday, I felt our pitch and poster were a success and our case owners, Jeanette and Jan were pleased with our work. So much in fact that they brought the poster with them. Our menu idea was also quite interesting for the jury panel; we had great questions. To us as a group, the menu metaphor was understood and received well and that is what we were trying to accomplish.


Sitting now in the train on the way back home and reflecting on the last one and a half weeks I have a smile on my face, comforted by the fact that I had a blast. I hope we can all keep in touch and meet together some time soon if COVID allows it.



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