The Eureka Moment



Wetskills Netherlands 2020-

by Matthijs Koop, Wageningen University



Johan explaining the structure a pitch truly needs

It is 7:00 o’clock, after a quick shower and a coffee in the citycenter we made our way to Van Hall Larenstein. After a turbulent start, Johan excited us with an energizing presentation on how to pitch effectively to our audience. We looked at a couple of different examples and were asked to critically assess each presentation. Here, we were able to learn a lot from the experiences of the previous Wetskills participants.

After a quick break, Charlie and Marcel gave a presentation of how a good presenting poster looks like. Reviewing several posters gave us a good understanding of how a high quality poster can be formed and presented.

Charlie explains the content needed for your poster

After a relaxing lunch in the sun we started to work on our case Mobility in the Wadden sea. Our team was very excited and the time passed quickly.

In the brainstorm session we were able to come up with our first concept solution on how to tackle the mobility challenge in all it’s complexity. The eureka moment came to us when we brainstormed and were able to combine multiple existing solutions into a entire new product.

Sarahi explaining us the secret of making a Mexican enchilada.

After the intense brainstorm session, we decided to blow off steam by having a delicious dinner at the house of one of our teammates. We were treated with an authentic Mexican meal and cooking lessons. After dinner continued thinking about alternatives and were able to make a final decision on which direction we want our project to go.

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