Our garden pitch!



Wetskills Netherlands 2020,

by Sarahi Garcia Garcia Villa, Wetsus Academy


We started our day visiting the library to prepare our pitches and posters. After 3 hours of intense and fun work, we were ready to present our ideas aloud for THE FIRST TIME!


We arrived at the prison garden (it was better than it sounds), and between the sun and flowers, we started introducing each other as a group to continue with the pitches. My team was the first one to present and we were a little bit nervous because we did not practice that much but the feedback that we received was really helpful.




It was really nice to see other group´s pitches and posters. We gave feedback and after a small talk we went to eat to continue polishing our work.


I invited my team (because of the 6 people policy) to my house to work and to eat pancakes. Quite interesting options, the Dutch and Mexican way, apparently also pancakes are different in every country, haha.

Dinner was delicious, keeping our 1.5 m 😉

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