Fun Sunday



Wetskills Netherlands 2020-

by Marvin Ouma, Wetsus Academy




From Left to right Olaf, Dan & Bram taking a break from morning work to pose for a photo

The day began with nice sunshine, a promising sign of a great day. I had breakfast at the Alibi hostel with other members of the program also joining. The teams had retreated into fine tuning the posters and pitches taking into account the feedback received during the presentations from the previous day. Each team also worked on writing reports for the group case. This was done according to each team schedule and planning.






Marvin (In the Middle) during demonstration visit  to the Ameland station for treatment drinking water

In the afternoon, Bram and I made a trip to Ameland for a meeting with representatives from Vitens. The meeting agenda included presentation of group case to vitens, review of the current water situation at the Island and prospects of implementation of the proposed idea. The meeting was a success as Vitens got an interest on our proposed solution. They appreciated the need to work together towards attaining self sufficient of the Island. They also assured us that through lobbying resources and working closely with stakeholders involved, it will be possible to implement the proposed solution on the Island.



Later in the evening we visited the beach on Ameland. We were able to assess the situation at the ground and witnessed where our proposed solution will actually come into play by directly involving tourist to responsible consume water resources.

At 6.30pm, the team had dinner at pizzeria Pompei in Leeuwarden. After dinner, everyone retired to their  rooms.

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