Game day! The finals of Wetskills!



Wetskills Netherlands 2020-

by Duco Bijleveld, Wageningen University


What can we expect at the finals?

The finals are about to begin!

The main event is the pitch of our three teams who present their innovative ideas for the jury and audience. The main topic of today is of course: water! It is quite unique that we can host this event in Corona-times. And for 2020 most Wetskills have been cancelled due to the corona virus. That is why this event is special. As the first event for Wetskills since Corona began, we have created a big online event. People at home can follow the live stream. Jury members and keynote speakers sit behind their laptop and were able to speak on a big screen to the people present at the event. Great to see how we can adapt with technology!



The added value of Wetskills?

Wetskills is all about connecting people in the water sector worldwide. The most important ingredients are having fun, thinking out of the box and teamwork.


How was the day for me?

Today was game day! The moment where we could share our creative thoughts with people at established positions within the water sector. It is great to see so much positive energy. Our case owners were very happy and willing to use our input for their project. The pitch itself was quite nerve recking, to be in front of so many camera’s was quite new for me and a great learning experience!


And the winner is…

Everybody gave it their all throughout the last ten days, with the participants working in their teams to provide innovative solutions to their cases. But ultimately it comes down to one thing…the winner! Would this be Team 1, from A to B in the Wadden Sea, Team 2, with their concept, Retain Water, or Team 3, with their circular water pavilion? I’ve heard that there was quite some discussion amongst the jury before the final vote went to Team 3! Well done guys-great concept!


Winners, team 3 (Fris Consult)-Creating to consume: catalyzing tourists to mitigate water over-consumption on the Wadden Islands
Team 1 (TransWad&Sea)-Sustainable transport & mobility in the Wadden Sea
Team 2 (MetaFood)-Innovative approaches to tackle drought for a sustainable future





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