Wetskills Netherlands 2019

Wetskills The Netherlands 2019 Finals

Wetskills The Netherlands 2019 by Shifa (Oman), Margo (South Africa) and Niurka (Mozambique)   05 November 2019- As the second day of the Amsterdam International Water Week started bright and…
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Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines!

Wetskills The Netherlands 2019 by Veerle (The Netherlands), Allyn (South Africa) & Almutamed (Oman)   03 November 2019: Today was all about finishing our paper and poster. After a busy…
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From A to B Travel experiences

Wetskills The Netherlands 2019 by Kalpana Maraj (South Africa) & Ismail Laghmiri (Netherlands)   It was an early start for us this morning as we prepared to travel from Rotterdam to Amsterdam.…
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Challenge Skills

Wetskills The Netherlands 2019 by Aslıhan (Turkey)   We started the day very sharp at the Jazz Cafe Dizzy working on our pitches and posters which will be presented at…
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“Jack becomes a dull boy”

Wetskills The Netherlands by Phomolo (Lesotho) & Arsenio (Mozambique)   All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. All play and no work, makes Jack a mere toy.…
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