Pressure Cooking Day ‘’ No Solutions, No Poster, No Pitch Oops!!……’’ If you don’t have skill you cannot do it.



Wetskills The Netherlands by Sibongile (South Africa)


This day started very well everyone was on the tram on time 8h30 sharp!! heading to Hogeschool Rotterdam.


Today was a very exciting and practical day where everyone was given a chance to participate on. Ralph conducted a presentation on how to compile a good poster and what are the key things that should be considered in terms of the content i.e. title, problem, introduction and effectiveness.



Main purpose/ question of the poster: can you make a poster that can make someone understand without reading the small text in your poster?..

An exercise was done by all teams where they were rating 7 different posters and determine which one is the good and bad poster.

Poster training by Ralph


Pitch presentation was done by Odwa on how to do a straight to point pitch in 2 minutes in an easiest way to understand by showing added value every time you pitch.  Surprise, surprise everyone was given a chance to pitch for 30 seconds on different topics i.e. fire, steel straw etc. this was exciting!!


Pitch Training by Odwa with Moza (Oman) doing the pitch exercise 


Due to the hectic poster and pitch preparation this day, several team members were eating sunflower seeds to release serotonin in their brains and promote the feeling of calmness.

Thobela from Orange team during the innovation carrousel


The Innovation carrousel was done by all teams, where one representative had to explain to different team members their case study, problem and solutions.


The pitcher then received feedback with a different view of the proposed solution in 10 minutes.


Innovation carrousel

We closed off our day by going to the Venture Café where the teams received the opportunity mingle with CIC clients that are working on solutions to make the world a more sustainable place. 

Venture Café: networking and conference briefing session





Later on, Johan Oost (Managing Director), Peter Jansen (Board Member) and Chrysoula Papacharalampou (Programme Officer) explained about the coming activities at the AIWW conference. Everyone received a topic to participate on during the round table sessions at the AIWW.


We will be doing this in collaboration with experienced water professionals to come up with innovation solutions.



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